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If you dream of working in the personal development industry, loving what you do each day and being paid abundantly for it, then you’ll want to watch these free ‘Coaching Secrets’ training videos immediately.

My name is Sandy Forster and I’ve gone from welfare to millionaire, from stress to bliss and it all started when I said YES to becoming a coach.

Being a Life Coach has completely transformed my life and I know it can transform yours too – so simply register for these free ‘Coaching Secrets’ training videos and expect miracles to occur in YOUR life.

You’ll discover:

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  • Why now is the BEST time to become a life coach
  • The quick cash flow strategy (great for other types of business too!)
  • The 3 skills to master to become a successful  and in demand coach
  • The BIG lie that could stop you from saying yes to coaching
  • The 4 steps to becoming a 6 figure life coach (this model works for other businesses too!)
  • How to find clients who happily pay you hundreds of dollars an hour
  • How to make money as a coach, even when you’re NOT coaching!


.. and MUCH more. You can get started right now with video #1 just by putting your name and email address at the top of this page. Register now and I’ll see you straight away on the other side with the first video!

Love and prosperity,

International Mentor for women ready to master the Law of Attraction & Prosperity
Founder of the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy

P.S. One more thing, I believe anyone who wants to make a difference in the world and be paid abundantly needs to learn from this FREE video series. I’d really appreciate you spreading the word, so simply send your friends, colleagues and followers this link. Make sure you register yourself first and I’ll see you on the next page with the first video…it’s ready for you now!

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